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Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Consulting/Service Companies in APAC - 2020

It is an established fact that diversity and inclusion in the workplace are excellent for business. However, many organizations around the world continue to display a lack of diversity. Companies demand stringent measures when establishing inclusivity in the workplace, focusing on the various minority groups, genders, generations, progressive company values, and impartial work practices. For a while, diversity was observed as a simple compliance demand, requiring a specific ethical stance from corporates. It is also usual to identify mission statements that commit to or demand to make the best efforts towards keeping up with diversity and inclusion. Adversely, such affirmations are intangible, and various companies do not directly substantiate their measures toward diversity. Currently, more companies are adopting diversity as part of their business model.

Organizations are now moving from compliance-focused diversity hiring to a more broad sense of inclusivity and a significant diversity and inclusion trend this year. For this reason, many recruitment platforms that are being used by organizations will hold a diversity parameter, assuring minimum partiality in the hiring process. Diversity and inclusion in 2020 are anticipated to get more severe, and efforts to empower it will get stricter, as indicated by the trends mentioned above. Companies have made substantial advancements in the proper direction over the last decade, but now it is time to expedite this momentum. This is why every organization should study and stay ahead of diversity and inclusion trends closely. In this regard, organizations can adjust their business and people practices to establish an inclusive and nurturing work environment for all their employees.

Manage HR’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a number of the foremost prominent organizations within the diversity and inclusion solution providers industry. We hope this issue of the Manage HR helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven learning environment.

We present to you Manage HR’s “Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Diversity and Inclusion Consulting/Service Companies in APAC

  • Pure Edge offers services around organizational development and consulting for individuals and corporations to support organizational change, promote women’s achievement, and implement D&I initiatives within their organizations

  • They are trusted by organizations around the world to help them make the senior-level leadership decisions that have a lasting impact on their enterprises

  • Aphaca HR Consultancy

    Aphaca HR Consultancy

    A boutique HR Consultancy firm incorporated in Singapore that offers HR expertise and consulting to start-ups, foreign small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and scale-ups that are setting up their offices or expanding their presence in Asia. They aims to be the HR bridge for foreign companies from other regions to Asia and supporting the companies to expand their footprints in Asia region. They help the clients to manage their HR issues so that you only focus on executing company’s business strategy and growing profitability.

  • Community Corporate

    Community Corporate

    This niche company uniquely traverses many sectors including settlement services, recruitment and employment services, diversity and inclusion consultancy, and government relations. The founder established Community Corporate largely to fill white space and in a low competitive inter-dependent position to facilitate alliances for cooperative partners to maximise collective expertise and impact. Community Corporate has successfully leveraged from a new demand in the way companies recognise the importance of social contribution as a part of their value proposition and complementary feature of organisational culture.

  • Flow Leadership Consultancy

    Flow Leadership Consultancy

    Dalia is committed to women empowerment and will donate 10% of her book sales towards her women causes so it can lift

  • Nextstage Consulting

    Nextstage Consulting

    They are a team of professionals who are committed to people development with our average experience of more than 20 years

  • Price Global

    Price Global

    Price Global are a diversity & inclusion training and consultancy service helping businesses and their people achieve their best results by bringing their best selves to work`

  • SENsational Consultancy

    SENsational Consultancy

    They offer strategic advice on your recruitment requirements and the onboarding process

  • Symmetra


    At Symmetra they are committed to assisting their clients to build inclusive leadership capability and embed an inclusive culture that will optimise performance and innovation

  • The Dream Collective

    The Dream Collective

    The Dream Collective is a global leadership consultancy, helping businesses build diverse and inclusive workplaces

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